I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in 1999.  On a Monday morning when I woke up, my right testicle had become swollen and I was in pain.  I called up my doctor’s office and they said that I could have an appointment on Wednesday, so I had to suffer with this excruciating pain for a couple of days.  I never liked men touching me, so I selected a doctor’s office that was run by 3 female doctors.  I only let women cut my hair, I have a female dentist and I even had a female vet for my dog when she was still alive.

I made it into the examination room and the nurse told me to strip after she left and then I was to put this cloth that she gave me over my private area.  The doctor knocked and I told her that she could come in.  She asked me exactly what hurt and I told her and then she said that she should have a look.  She removed the covering cloth and she said, “wow that does look painful, I will need to feel around to investigate more.”  I told her, “Fine, do whatever you have to do, I just need the pain to go away.”  She noticed that my right testicle was hard as a rock and my left testicle was more or less normal and the she said that she had never seen anything like this before and she asked my permission to bring in another doctor for a second opinion.

The second doctor came in and I had another digital examination.  She noted that my left testicle was retractable.  I told her the problem was in my right testicle and she said that she knew that, but she was surprised when she was able to push my left testicle through the socket and into my body, where it left the confines of my scrotum.  I told her that I have always been able to do that and she said that is common for young boys, but once they drop into the sack, they usually remain there and are not able to be retracted again.  I am dying in pain and now I am naked in front of two doctors who are asking me embarrassing questions which don’t seem to be helping me.

They decide to get the third doctor in here with me to see if she has any advice.  This one is a bit older than the first two and it is her practice, so I was glad to see her come in.  I got another digital examination, but this time it was concentrated on my swollen testicle only.  Again this doctor said that she had never encountered a patient like this before, but she said that I did need to see a urologist and that she could make me an emergency appointment.  I was a bit disappointed that this doctor was going to be a male, because of my phobia of being touched by men, but the appointment was set and all I had to do was drive there and I would be seen right away.

I was let right into the exam room and he had me take my pants and underwear off with just him and his nurse in the room.  He took one look and then told me that he would have to lance my swollen testicle.  He wanted me to give him a urine sample and then he said that his nurse needed to shave my testicles.  He stabbed my swollen testicle and he squeezed out some infectious bile and I immediately felt better.  He tapped a container on to my upper thigh where a hose from this new wound would drip into.  He told me to come back on Friday and he would remove the hose and container.

Before I left he told me that my urine was full of sugar and he had no doubt that I had diabetes and that I should learn how to manage this better, so I didn’t have to come back and see him again.  A dietitian put me on a carbohydrate counting diet and I was told to eat 70 grams of carbs for breakfast, 70 for lunch and 70 for dinner.  I was also supposed to have 3 snacks a day and between breakfast and lunch I was supposed to have 15 grams of carbs.  I had to eat another 15 between lunch and dinner and then after dinner and before breakfast I needed to have a snack of 30 grams of carbs.

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