Good Night Baby

Night has come, it’s time for bed
I have to rest my weary head
Close my eyes, dream and unwind
Thoughts of you won’t be far behind
I am in my bed and I switched off the light
Dreaming about you will be my delight
I close my eyes, I make a wish and then say goodnight
While I am dreaming about you I will sleep so tight
I guess that it was love at first sight
Thinking about you feels so right
While I am dreaming we will keep in touch
I hope that you know that I miss you so much
As I hit my bed my thoughts of you will make me smile
I will count your kisses, and I am sure to see a big pile
Again another day is over, it has gone and went
I lay here thinking about you and I am content
I wish could see your face and touch your skin
Wishing you were here with me to tuck me in
I miss your kisses, your hugs and the way we snuggle
Before you were in my life all I ever did was struggle
Tonight I will watch clear skies and moonbeams
Good night baby, I hope to see you in my dreams
You are so lovely you are beyond being cute
My love for you dear will always be absolute
I want to give you another kiss
Dreaming of us as I reminisce
I hope that when I wake you will be
Laying on that pillow right next to me
I am ready to love you and I have nothing to hide
I will do anything to have you laying by my side
Good night my beloved my adored
Your sweet love always hits the chord
Love you till the earth stops spinning
Being with you feels like winning
Be mine always, as my heart belongs to you
I want you in my life, so I will follow through
I am so happy since you became my girl
I am real delighted that we gave it a whirl
When you are with me I have everything that I want
Now I can finally relax, be cool and act nonchalant
This love I have for you in my heart just keeps growing stronger
It will keep growing again and again and it will last even longer
It will be difficult not seeing you tonight, but I know we have tomorrow
The second that I see you again, I will be so happy and my face will glow
May God bless you tonight and may all of your dreams come true
As long as we stay together, I will be fine I know I can make do
As I drift off watching the stars twinkling so bright
I love you so much and I wish you a good night

4 thoughts on “Good Night Baby

      1. I do not need a link, I started reading your comedy and I love your sense of humor and now I am following you.


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