A Significant Other

Humans need interaction with others, this helps us feel deep, meaningful connections that can lead to contentment.  People that miss out on human contact may be overwhelmed with thoughts of intimacy and they will eventually become desperate, which can lead them to having a hard time trying to meet and connect with new people.  Every now and then, I get lonely, but I am not real sure what I want out of a relationship, but I would like to have a special person in my life to do things with.  I guess my hope is to meet a person that will be attracted to me, but I would settle for companionship, love or sex.

Humans are complex and most of us take pleasure in having sex and this is enjoyed for many different reasons, like relieving tension which leads to improved sleep, or exploring the physical pleasure of touching and the desire for romance that leads to love and commitment.  Some wives may think that they are required to have sex with their husbands because it is their marital obligation to satisfy their husband’s needs and they just go through the motions, while others might engage in sex as an attempt to climb some social ladder, or this can even be done for revenge to hurt someone that has cheated on you.  It even gets more complicated, as some people might hold back sex from their partner in order to obtain some kind of special favor.  Most sexual activities are not done for reproductive purposes and it mostly happens because sex just feels good.  However, if you are inexperienced or selfish and not willing to put your heart into it and share your emotions, than it will not be exciting or pleasurable.

In order to make love to another person you must share your emotions and the greatest sexual pleasure is derived when two people work together to satisfy their needs.  This means that in order to have rewarding sex, you must communicate with your partner.  Thoughts and feelings must be exchanged, because humans are a social species and not many people want to be alone or lonely.  Facebook or other internet sites may work to meet some of your social needs, but most people still need that face-to-face interaction.  We all have hopes and dreams and we need to share these with someone special.  Sexual desire for women is far more complicated than it is in men, as it is connected to their emotions.  Sex is a legitimate physical need and eventually most people will need some kind of sexual release.

I have a desire to find a significant other, but I am not looking for a commitment, as I just want a friendship that includes sex.  I enjoy being single, but I have no intention of remaining celibate and I would love to have a friend with benefits.  Does this make me a player?  I am a male, but I have no interest in manipulating or playing with another person’s emotions or tormenting anyone’s heart.  I am not interested in seducing a whole bunch of women and making them my conquests, as I just want one and it would be great if she had some interest in sex.  I have been married before and I enjoy the freedom that comes with being single.  I have been put in the friend-zone before and that is not a place where I want to go anymore.  I think that everyone who gets involved with dating should make their intentions clear and be up front with what they want out of a relationship.

I am in no hurry to rush into anything, because I have met too many crazy women out there, so as the saying goes, ‘slow and steady wins the race.’  I understand that women enjoy being pursued, and they don’t want to end up just being someone that will occupy a man’s time.  I am a writer, so I know how to say the right words to capture a woman’s desire, like complimenting her on how she looks, or what she is wearing.  I can wait for sex and orgasms, but I do need some romance and that must include holding hands, looking into each other’s eyes and cuddling.  I am not afraid of making a commitment or taking the next step to move beyond the just dating phase to the next level, which should turn a relationship from being casual to becoming close and more romantic.  I am willing to make a promise to stay faithful and make my relationship exclusive as long as we are together, and say that, “I want to be with you, and only you”, which should symbolize of my romantic intentions.  I am not saying that marriage would be totally out of the realm of possibilities, but it would not be my first choice and it would not happen unless the physical activities were ultimately satisfying.  Dating should always come with clear communication of both parties intentions and a declaration of what each one is looking for in a relationship.

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