Announcing a Contest

One day while I was waiting to board a plane at the airport, I listened to this family playing this sentence game.  It is not that difficult to play, as all you have to do is make a sentence using words that start with the same letter.  The sentence does not have to make all that much sense, but the more sense it makes the better it is.  Here are some sample sentences listed below.  If you think this could be a fun game, then write your sentence below.
Alisha Adams answered allegations about angry adult android abdominal accomplishments.
Buddy’s bloody blisters ballooned beyond biting Betty.
Chicana Clark can cook canned chili concoctions containing chocolate candy.
Don’t dictate doing dirty dancing.
Every elephant eventually expects empty experiences.
Frozen French fries form fantastic facts.
Gay girl gangster giraffes get great g-string garments.
Heather hasn’t had his help harpooning Haitians.
Iggy Iguana inspected ice-cream inside igloos.
Jill jacked Jordan’s Johnson.
Kinky Karla kept kissing Kansas karaoke kangaroos.
Leaping lizards liked licking luscious lollipops.
Mickey Mouse must make more money marketing memorabilia.
Obese Oprah obviously omitted occurrences of obscene octopus orgasms.

I said this was a contest, however there is no actual prize.  Since everyone is a writer, pick a letter and carefully construct a sentence.  The winner will be the person that gets the most likes on their sentence.  Good Luck!

10 thoughts on “Announcing a Contest

  1. Hahaha – this is Fabulous! You just need to market it. And a few participants! (I can guess who would be the first to play!)

    I would repost this blog, but update it with some images to give it a bit of color? And update your side bar so that the header of contest/challenge isn’t “Text Widget.” You can see my sidebar as example. I created my own button for my challenge! And, a few examples are fine. Don’t need all of those.

    I would make it a weekly thing. (select one day of the week, not so busy like others) and go through the alphabet. Say today’s letter is…and go! Then you could list yours in the comments too! (or in your post)

    Then everyone comments?

    P.S. Heather hasn’t had his help harpooning Haitians. – I wouldn’t help Heather either. That’s terrible!

    I WANT TO DO THIS, JIM – so work on it! And then tell people about it – those you’ve developed a rapport with so they can start coming. Word will get out.

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      1. Maybe I can people over to your site. 🙂 Right now, I’m trying to get my thing started… but I won’t forget about you. I roll it around in my head.

        Heady Hetta helps hire hungry humans.

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      2. OK I will keep the contest on my sight and I should repost it every week so it starts out with a new letter. Does that hurt when things roll around in your head?


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