When Darkness Ruled

Before this world came into existence, only a confused mass of shapeless elements was present, and that was called Chaos.  Eventually all the elements consolidated resolving themselves into two widely different substances, a lighter portion which soared above and formed the sky and became known as Caelus or Father Sky and the solid mass beneath, is known as Terra or Mother Earth.  They were both large beings, but they had no human qualities.  They consisted of the irresistible forces of nature like Earthquakes, Hurricanes and Volcanoes and they lived in a world where there was no life.  They were unlike any life form known to man and they created the mountains and seas, the clouds, sun, stars and the moon above.

Caelus and Terra coexisted with two other mighty powers who were also the offspring of Chaos.  They were Erebus meaning Darkness and Nyx standing for Night.  Together they formed a striking contrast to the cheerful light of heaven and the bright smiles of earth.  Erebus reigned in that mysterious world below where no ray of sunshine, no gleam of daylight, nor trace of health-giving terrestrial life ever appeared. Nyx, the sister of Erebus, represented Night, and she had power over sleep and death.  They were married and they had many children.

They had eighteen dark children, the three oldest being Charon the ferryman of Tartarus, Dolos the god of trickery, cunning deception, craftiness, guile, and treachery and Adicia the goddess of injustice and wrong-doing.  The other 15 dark children were Apate (Fraud, Deceit and Deception), Eris (Strife), Geras (Old Age), Hypnos (Sleep), the two Keres which included Akhlys (Mist of Death) and Thanatos (Peaceful Death), Lyssa (Spirit of mad rage and frenzy), Momus (Blame), Moros (Doom, Destiny), Nemesis (Indignation, Retribution), Oizys (Pain, Distress), and the four Oneiroi which included Morpheus ( Dreams), Phobetor (Nightmares), Ikelos (Prophetic dreams) and Phantasos (Inanimate objects in dreams).

Six dark children of Erebus and Nyx, Adicia, Apate, Dolos, Lyssa, Moros and Oizys who drew their power from dark forces started casting spells.  They gathered all of their magical knowledge together and wrote the Scrolls of Darkness, which illustrated methods for collecting human souls.  These scrolls were filled with black magic and demonic incantations that could open up portholes to other dimensions and pronounce doom on any realm.  The scrolls were locked away in a tower in Atlantis, until a dark sorcerer named Night Shadow created an illusion to trick the guards that protected the Scrolls of Darkness.  He utilized motion-induced blindness, which caused the guards to lose sight of scrolls that were still in plain view right in front of them.  When they left their posts to go out and search for the scrolls, Night Shadow stole them and started using them for evil deeds.

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