Exciting News

I just found out that I could be a member of a class action suit and that I might receive up to seventeen cents, if I sign a release form.  I am going to decline this windfall, because they want me to reply back by mail and that would cost me 49 cents for a stamp, so I would actually end up losing 32 cents.  I am not going to go postal over this, as I have other things on my mind today.  Speaking about the Postal system, I have a way to fix all of their problems, well maybe not all of their problems, as my idea does not address expensive union contracts and the increasing competitiveness of the industry.  My solution only deals with the operating losses of the U.S. Postal System and it seems so simple to me.

This is all about improving efficiency.  Does everyone really need their mail to be delivered 6 days a week?  Would it be OK if residents only got mail on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday?  The USPS could then deliver business mail on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  This would greatly reduce operating expenses, cutting gas costs almost in half and as an added bonus it would cause me make less trips out to my mailbox and I consider this to be a good thing.  Sure there are a lot of Monday holidays and in these weeks the business mail would incur delays.  I have not yet consider every possible scenario, as it is possible that some mailboxes would overflow and the Post Office might have to buy new vehicles to follow this schedule.  Anyway it works out fine in my brain and it will be three days less of having to bring in all that junk mail.

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