Summer Today

Summer has arrived
Traditions are revived
Half the world celebrates the summer solstice today
The scientific start to summer and a time to play
This is a remarkable time for our Sun
And all of those who are seeking fun
The Sun was once worshipped as a god
Ancient pagan people seem kind of odd
Today is the longest day of the year
Giving us more time to drink beer
The Sun is responsible for our very existence
It comes out every day showing its persistence
The solstice occurs because the Earth spins on a tilted axis
The seasons change but we still have to pay our taxes
The Northern Hemisphere gets more exposure to direct sunlight
The length of each day stays the same from midnight to midnight
Your geographic position determines the earliest sunset and the earliest sunrise
This differs in your location, as longitude decides where the Sun will localize
People think Stonehenge was built to mark a solstice and an equinox
Or is it just a bunch of rocks that has nothing to do with our clocks
Our planet made another loop around that big ball of fire in the sky
I have lived another year I am happy with my life and I did not die

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