In the beginning when God created the heavens and the earth
God made man and told them to be fruitful and to give birth
The snake told Eve that she could eat the forbidden fruit
Paradise was lost, God’s punishment would be absolute
Cain killed Abel when he got mad
He was not a good guy, he was bad
Noah built an ark so he was prepared for the flood
All the people drowned some got stuck in the mud
One night Noah got drunk and then he was found to be bare
Canaan the son of Ham was cursed although he did not care
Nimrod and the men of Babel built a tower in the city
Man thought they were better than God such a pity
Lot moved away to the city of Sodom where people were evil and immoral
Bad men tried to break into his house, but the angels did not want to quarrel
Lot told the bad men that they could take his daughters
This city had to be destroyed but this time not by waters
God told Abraham to kill Isaac to show his trust
Abraham did not want to do this, he was crushed
Eliezer was the servant who Abraham trusted the as a rule
He was told to find a wife for Isaac and she must be a jewel
Eliezer traveled far away and then he decided to rest for a spell
Rebekah saw he was thirsty so she gave him water from a well
Rebekah gave birth to Esau and Jacob who were twins
They were brothers but they differed in their skins
Jacob wanted Rachel and said he would serve for seven years
Laban switched daughters on him and Jacob was in tears
Joseph came from Rachel and he became Jacob’s favorite son
His brothers hated him and decided that something must be done
Joseph talked about his dreams and this made the brothers hate him even more
The cards were stacked against Joseph and his brothers wanted to even the score
They wanted to kill him, but instead they threw him into a pit and sold him as a slave
Joseph missed his family, he knew that he couldn’t change his fate he had to be brave

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