Who Are These People?

Why do some people always want to stick their nose into someone else’s business.  This is non-human behavior, as my dog usually never passed up a load of poop on the ground without taking a whiff to investigate the scent.  I always wondered what she was able to discern from this nasty habit.  Was she able to tell which particular dog left this disgusting smell?  Do people actually assume that they have the right to get involved in someone else’s affairs?  Don’t they know that it is impolite to intrude, interfere or mess with things that should not be their concern?

These people that meddle, just don’t know any better, they can’t help themselves as they do not know any other way to act.  I think that their own personal lives must be very boring and their involvement is not done to help others, they do this to try and overcome their own boredom.  If they could only learn how to zip their lips, then everyone would be much better off.  There are certain times when people should use their common sense, uses some constraint, button it, clam up, mum’s the word, keep it on the QT, hold their horses, take a deep breath and just mind their own business.

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