Liking Yourself

I have noticed that many people hit the “Like button” for their own posts and from what I learned, they do this because if nobody else hits the “Like” or makes any comments on this post, then it will basically disappear and not be seen by anyone anymore.  I always viewed this as a shameful form of vanity, but it is more about increasing the visibility of your posts and getting them out in front of as many eyeballs as possible.  I have never liked any of my posts yet, as it just doesn’t seem cool to me to “Like” my own posts and if I didn’t like it in the first place, then I should have never posted it anyway.  To me it just seems as though it is a desperate effort to get more exposure for your posts.  This cheesy, petty tactic is reminiscent of yelling “Hey, Look at me!  I think I am great.”  Now that I know the real reasoning behind this (preventing your post from being deleted), and even though I still think it is annoying, I really can’t blame people who feel the need to “Like” their own posts.  I will still view these people as being juvenile and insecure, because it looks to me that they need to pat themselves on the back and I really do not need more than one opportunity to check their posts out.  It will not be the end of the world if I miss one or two of their posts.

Professed media experts indicate that everyone should “Like” their own posts, but since I take the road that is less traveled and I usually don’t follow the rules, I don’t do this.  If I am craving exposure, then I can always go to a nudist colony (never did that, but it is on my bucket list) and get all the coverage or lack of as I require.  Basically I do not care what most people think, as I am going to go my own way and since I am a writer I will write.  Whether or not anyone reads what I write, I am still going to write.  Sure it feels good when someone indicates that they liked reading what I wrote and it is even better if they take the time out to make a comment, but if I don’t get any likes or comments, then I will just find another topic to write about.  In my research on this, I have found many varying opinions where some people don’t pay any attention to this at all, others say they do it all the time and one person which I really got a kick out of, indicated that they thought that this was similar to masturbating in public.

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