It All Started

When I lost focus, things began spiraling downhill, the bottom fell out and then the other shoe dropped. This chain of events happened after the door was slammed shut and my cell was locked and I heard the whip crack.  It was as if someone had opened Pandora’s box and all manners of evil rushed out and then the sirens sang.  When the tide rushed in, the dam burst, the flood came and then the bridge collapsed.  The train wrecked, as Rome burned and paradise was lost and history was changed.  The situation was intense, a breaking point had been reached, this is insane things were going to escalate and become volatile, the color threat changed from Orange to Red as we reached DEFCON 1, we were on maximum readiness, all our forces were prepared for combat, was nuclear war imminent?  The war started, the invasion began, the battle raged on, the shots rang out, the bombs were dropped, the towers fell, the blood spilled, heads rolled, the bodies stank and the disease spread.  When the pandemic occurred, hope disappeared, darkness ruled and time stopped, as we crossed the event horizon.  The end was near, doom was lurking and it felt as if worlds were colliding.  Then a rainbow appeared covering the sky in beautiful colors.  I found my rabbit’s foot and my lucky coin.  The war came to an end, the troops were returning home and scientists and doctors working together had found a cure.  Hope returned and I was relieved!

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