Fairy Tale

Chicken Little, Ducky Lucky and Goosey Lucy were waddling along the trail when they were approached by a snake in the grass.  Chicken Little jumped out of his feathers and Ducky Lucky told him to calm down and stop acting like such a mamby pamby, as it was just a harmless garter snake and it was not like the sky was falling.  The three brothers Practical Pig, Fiddler Pig and Fifer Pig hurried passed them on the trail, warning them to get home before Aloysius the big bad wolf devours them.  Suddenly out of nowhere, a boy ran past and cried wolf and then a girl sporting a red hood meandered along the trail mumbling something about her being on her way to see her grandmother and immediately following her was another girl with golden locks grumbling about wanting to eat some porridge and then take a nap.

They passed a scaredy-cat, a cowardly lion, a pansy, a lily liver and a spineless jelly fish and then Goosey Lucy said that things were getting scarier and scarier.  Out of the deep blue sky an absurd bird landed on the ground in front of them, but it was too early to get the worm.  A jubilant swan, the most beautiful of all birds met them on the path and said hello to Ducky Lucky.  He responded by saying, ‘have we met’?  She said you may not remember me, but we were the best of friends when I was the ugly duckling.  A really nice guy with just one eye, named Rolie Polie Olie was eating a cannoli and he was very round and did not make a sound as he came tumbling down from the playground.

A frog hopped along singing a song about kissing a girl who agreed to give it a whirl and then her hair did curl as she did a whirl, but suddenly she began to hurl.  The girl complained about him not turning into her prince and he told her that she may have to kiss some more frogs before she meets him.  A defiant giant who was very reliant was looking for the goose that laid golden eggs.  The goose had gotten loose after drinking some wine and then she met three swine who all looked fine and they invited her to dine on something sublime, but she declined saying she was watching her waistline.  The goose was named Peg, she only had one leg and her boyfriend named Greg enjoyed drinking beer from the keg and eating nutmeg.  The girl was pretending that she was ascending, she was not intending to be offending, as her heart was mending, she just wanted a happy ending.

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