To each his own, we march to the beat of a different drummer.
I enjoy winter the most, while you seem to prefer the summer.
I try to step to your music, but I cannot keep pace.
I guess that I just need to have my own space.
We have a different set of ideas about the way that things should be done.
I know that opposites attract, but you are so serious and all I want is fun.
One man’s garbage is another man’s treasure.
You are all business and I am about pleasure.
One man’s freedom can be another man’s prison.
It is hard for me to tell what is out and what is in.
I do not agree with your conclusion.
You may be suffering from delusion.
I may not agree always with you, but I think you are entitled to you own view.
Your words bounce off my brain, because you try to make them stick like glue.
Every person must have their own taste.
All this arguing, is just a real big waste.
We both want to take things, even thought we do not know what to choose.
I have a way of ignoring all the pain, while you always seem to get a bruise.
I take the high road and you want to go low.
If you falter, I will make sure that you get a tow.
We don’t have to always make this a competition.
Neither of us needs to be beaten into submission.
I want cream and sugar, while you always take it black.
We may argue a lot, but we always make up in the sack.
Your stunning lips are begging me for a kiss.
You start to disagree and then I have to insist.

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