My Query Letter

My historical fiction ‘Ancient Book of Eli’ takes place in the first century and I made up a fictitious character, who is a step cousin of Jesus.  Eli goes to a party and the stories begin and continue throughout my book.  This book is packed with a unique collection stories, which are charming, comforting, dynamic, elegant, engaging, magical and radiant.  The collection of different stories in my book are told with clarity by my various characters.  I wrote this book in a ‘he said – she said’ format, and all of my characters are vibrant and alive and acclaimed for their insight and erudition.  My characters are fascinating, they were all well-developed and they provided a framework for me to tell this story.  My story demands to be read, because it is original, well thought-out and it has compelling, dynamic, intelligent, relatable characters who have a strong authorial voice, which allows them to transcend the pages and they will remain in your thoughts, long after you have closed my book.

The best part of my novel is the way the individual stories are linked together and interwoven into my book.  My story is intriguing and it utilizes the power of imagination for entertainment purposes meant to astonish my readers.  My book is set in a time period that is interesting, when Rome was a mighty empire, when Jerusalem was a place for festivals before the Temple was destroyed and when Byblos or Phoenicia was still a crossroads between the East and West.  My book explores human history and it provides answers that make sense in a tradition that is similar to the Bible.  Some of my stories are Biblical, but mostly they relate to various topics that are encountered in everyday life, however some of them hold deep, profound and emotionally intense values.  My book will capture your attention and keep you turning the pages, as it pushes the boundaries of storytelling, with fresh voices and crisp prose and a story that lasts well beyond the final page.  My book will grab you and not let you go, because of the plethora of entertaining stories that it contains.

I developed a unique perspective that will keep you excited, as you turn every page you will be so immersed in my stories that you will not be able to put it down.  When you finish my book, you will say that it was one of the most satisfying reading experiences that you have had in your whole life.  By the time you reach the end, you will have cried, laughed, been inspired by my songs and poems, been subjected to arousal and excitement and there is a good chance that you will have learned something new about another time, different places and diverse cultures.

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