Purpose of Proposal

I thought that I was done after the thousands of hours of writing that I spent writing my new book, and this is when I realized that I had to contact publishers about my book.  No one was going to come to me, no publishers would be beating down my door to get the rights to publish my book.  I actually had no idea that I needed to write a query letter or a book proposal to attract attention for my book.  In the back of my mind, I sort of figured that all the literary agents and publishers were constantly searching for great books to represent, and that they would be happy to find the next bestselling author.  At first I hated the fact that I need to do more writing, especially on the subject of sales.  I finally excepted this reality and I gritted my teeth and decided that I had to do what was required.

A long time ago, I was a salesman for one day, selling Electrolux vacuums going door to door and I hated it, however I did make a sale with the first door that I knocked on.  The lady who answered the door told me that she already had an Electrolux vacuum, but she needed more bags for it and she asked me if I had any.  We (our team of salesmen working out of my boss’s car) canvassed this neighborhood in a group, so I told her that I would be right back after I checked with my boss, as I knew that he had some stuff in his trunk.

When I told my boss about this lady needing bags, he told me that I just made my first sale.  I repeated to my boss that this lady already has a vacuum and then he said, ‘You got your foot in the door and the rest of this sale is the easy part.’  We all went back as a group and my boss told the lady that he could get her the bags that she needed, but he wanted her to let me put on my demonstration for her, as this was my first day and I needed the practice.  We had a new vacuum with us and we proved to this woman that it did a much better job than her current vacuum and my boss arranged a deal for her to make a trade in.  He was very slick and he had the ability to sell anything to anybody and this was a skill that I knew I would never have.

I took two technical writing courses in college, but most of my writing skills are self taught.  I read up on query letters and proposals and the more I started learning about this part of the publishing process, the more I started enjoying perfecting my query letter and adding different sections to my proposal.  The more I sent my book out to literary agents, the more rejection replies that I got back, and this just made me become more determined.  This gave me the motivation to get the attention of someone in the publishing industry and make myself stand out amongst the stiff competition.

Most of the publishers never even took the time out to write back to me.  No one with any credentials has ever taken the time out to read my book and even though I had faith that my book is worth publishing, I began to lose confidence after getting rejected so many times.  Alas, as it was not meant to be, I was forced to give up writing query letters to publishers.  I started to wonder if anyone would be willing to read a book that no one else has read.  I am not a person that gives up easy, you could say that I am persistent and undaunted.  I realized that there is a long list of bestselling authors who were rejected when they tried to get their first book published.

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