Just Wondering

What will happen when I die?
Will my spirit reach the sky?
Will my body become dust?
This really seems so unjust.
Is this the end of everything?
If so, that would really sting.
Is death any different from going to sleep?
If it is the same thing, than I shall not weep.
Will I see a shining light?
Will my coffin be airtight?
Will I see my lifeless body?
Will I meet with John Gotti?
Will it everything be dark and blank?
Will it be horrible and smell rank?
Every one of us will eventually cease to exist.
Don’t try to wonder why as no one can resist.
This is not the time to get pissed,
As I am just being dismissed.
No longer will you ever be kissed.
I’ll be removed from the mailing list.
Will I go up or will I go down?
Will I have a nervous breakdown?
What will happen in the end?
Will I be without a friend?
This is an unavoidable reality.
I will become an absentee.
Will my brain really stop thinking?
As my body rots and starts stinking.

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