Challenged to a Singing Contest

The Pierides insulted the Muses and then they started taunting them by saying,

Hey all you singing fans,
Stand up and clap your hands.
Hey, you better get the hell out of our way.
Today is the day, that we will put you away.
We have arrived here in this town,
So we can knock the Muses down.
When we sing songs, we can’t be beat.
We will whack the Muses off their feet!
We are Greek girls that hail from a place called Thessaly.
We are the best singers and we express our feelings verbally.
I don’t know what you have been told,
The Pierides sisters are as good as gold.
Our sweet songs are the very best.
We sing better than all of the rest!
We will show the Muses what real class is.
Now it is time for us to kick all your asses.
Your songs are fake, you must accept our wager.
We will show you the scales, minor and major.
There are nine of us and there are nine of you.
And it won’t be long before you are through.
The songs that you sing are really lame.
The way you sing is actually a shame.
We know that we can sing better than you and that we are real.
We are the freshest most happening sound and this is our deal.
We will beat you, delete you, so you are gone.
From your swanky hangout on Mount Helicon.
At dawn we will be in chiffon waiting on the lawn.
Then we will be prove that we are the upper echelon.
You are just a tiny pawn and you make us yawn.
We will show everyone that you are not a paragon.
You can do what you want with us if we lose.
That should be an offer that you can’t refuse.
Take your wings off sisters, get down and rock.
Let the nymphs judge to see who can talk the talk!