This is not a cry for attention, but I am a bit disappointed because it seems that hardly anybody ever responds to any of my posts.  I try to write intelligent articles that provide interesting facts, but it seems that nobody ever actually reads what I write.  I am thinking about trying a new tactic, just to see what happens if I write unintelligible jargon consisting of meaningless words that are impossible to understand, possibly because of excessive use of obscure technical terms, or maybe just meant to be pure nonsense. This gibberish, rubbish, balderdash or utter garbage should not be that difficult to write, as I rather enjoy blabbering about almost anything.  I know that I can write something that is baffling, bewildering, beyond most people’s ability to grasp, complicated, complex, confusing, cryptic, double talk, incomprehensible, indecipherable, meaningless mumbo jumbo, mystifying, perplexing, puzzling, unclear and unfathomable.

The sound formed from saying the word Gobbledygook classifies it as being an onomatopoeia, which is a part of speech where the word is derived by imitating a sound, so the sound is associated with the thing that makes the noise.  Many animal sounds fall into this category like: oink for pigs, or meow for cats, or bark for dogs, or cluck for chickens, or quack for ducks, or growl for tigers, or roar for lions, or hoot for owls, or howl for wolves, or ribbit for frogs and chirp for the birds. Other examples include words such as bawl, beep, belch, blab, boom, crash, creak, drip, giggle, gulp, groan, honk, knock, ouch, pop, sizzle or snap.  This could keep going on and on, but I think that you have the idea of what an onomatopoeia is by now.

The word Gobbledygook was first used to denote nonsense that sounded a lot like the gobbling of turkeys.  I guess the time has come for me to write some Gobbledygook, so here it goes: àáâãäåæÁÀÂÃÄÅ∀ÆÞþßç¢ÇℂÐεèéêëÈÉÊËȞĤìíîïÌÍÎÏñÑòóôõöøϕΦÓÔÕÖØÒθΘùúûüµÙÚÛÜẋẍýÿ¥Ý¡¿¦º¨©®ð«»§£¤¶χδΔηΓλΛωΩφπΨψρστϑξΞζ,℘ℝℚℤ.  It may be hard for many of you to determine the message behind this, so I will reveal it to you.  This is actually interpreted on the cover of my new book which says, “This book has been trained to sit patiently on the shelf and hold its magic between the covers, until someone wants to read stories about gods, giants, monsters and much more.  This book can paint pictures in your mind, bring your dreams to life, allow you to get in touch with your spiritual side, enable your desires and take you to far off places in another time.  This book does not want to be judged by its cover, so grab it, take it off the shelf and crack it open.  A rogue drone just delivered this subliminal message, ‘I am calling on you to pick me up and start reading.’”

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