For The Birds

When it is for the birds, then it is not worth consideration, it may be pointless or worthless, undesirable and unimportant.  It might be some trivial thing, about meaningless nonsense, an irrelevant matter that should not be taken too seriously.  This is a polite way of saying something sucks and you want nothing to do with it.

Ornithophobia is a specific type of phobia where people have an abnormal and irrational fear of birds.  A Hitchcock film builds tension in an isolated California town, as he manages to turn birds into frightening monsters of terror.  Inexplicably, relentless masses of mad birds mysteriously begin attacking people, and inevitably death follows as all hell breaks loose.

I think of birds as being my feathery friends, as all birds have feathers and all birds have wings, but some birds are not able to fly.  Birds are the only animals that have feathers and this seems to work well for the birds.  Feathers are used by birds instead of fur to provide insulation and this keeps them warm.  Feathers are lightweight (they don’t weigh down a bird ) and thus they allow most birds to catch and direct air with their wings so they can fly, wing feathers allowing flight and tail feathers are used for steering.  The color of the feathers can be used to hide or camouflage a bird, so they will not be detected by predators.  Feathers can also be useful helping birds to attract a mate.  Birds routinely molt their feathers which is a process of replacing their old feathers with new ones, to make sure that all of their feathers stay in good shape.

It is said that birds of a feather flock together and this statement is often used to describe people who have similar tastes and because of this they tend to congregate in groups.  Birds do form flocks, which are made up of the same kind of birds mostly because there is safety in numbers and this allows them to feel secure from predators.  I actually saw a flock of birds protect a new hatchling that was pushed out of its nest, before it was able to fly.  This baby bird was no longer a ‘nestling’ as it had feathers, instead of just pink skin.  It had graduated to the state of being a ‘fledgling’, a juvenile bird that was old enough to be out of the nest, but it lacked flying skills.

My dog was barking at the tiny helpless bird as it hopped around our yard and suddenly all the birds in the neighborhood swooped down from the trees and they surrounded the baby bird making a protective circle around it.  This was a scary sight and I grabbed my dog and put him inside to keep him away from the angry birds.  My dad said that we should not try to put the bird back in its nest as the mother bird would smell our scent and stop caring for the bird.  The fledgling hopped under a bush and the mother came down and started feeding it.  We left it alone and eventually it learned how to find its own food on the ground and after a few more days of maturing, I guess it just flew away.

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