Why Facebook

I probably have the wrong idea about Facebook, as my posts don’t look like what anyone else does.  Am I supposed to put up pictures and wait for someone to respond?  I have read that Facebook is today’s accepted means of communication where you can go to connect to people who matter to you.  It sounds too good to be true that there is actually a place that is filled with adorable puppies, cute kitties and baby constantly smiling.  All people have a need to belong to something and they also need to display their individual personalities.

Narcissus a good looking guy who fell in love with his reflection lived in an era before Facebook.  If he was still around today, I am sure that he would be constantly logging into Facebook, to satisfy his fixation with himself and his physical appearance and see how the public perceived him.  You had one eye on the mirror, And watched yourself gavotte (a medium-paced French dance, popular in the 18th century) And all the girls dreamed that they’d be your partner.  Carly Simon said that You’re So Vain.  I think that it is a good thing to take pride in your appearance, as long as it does not become excessive and lead to vanity.

People don’t actually have discussions on Facebook, it seems like they go there to play games like candy crush or they go here to brag about their boring lives.  Today I saw that one of my friends was celebrating a birthday and if I did not go on Facebook I would have missed that status update.  Facebook is full of videos that play all by themselves and you are no longer required to hover your mouse over them or hit a play button, ah modern technology.

I know that I am different and strange and that I really do not fit in on Facebook, it is not like I think that anything that I actually say will end up making a difference.  I try not to be annoying and basically I am just being myself.  I respect and admire other people and I enjoy reading their posts, but I don’t want to be like them.

3 thoughts on “Why Facebook

  1. I refuse to be on Facebook, I did open an account on instagram to post some cartoons and I have found instagram to be nearly worthless, I like some of the filters I can use on my cartoons but beyond that, it’s horrible. I get likes on instagram but no comments, the most personal comment I’ve received has been a happy face emoji, I posted a cartoon with a hamster and now every other post I receive on my home page is that of a hamster

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