Getting pregnant and having a baby is a blessing from God, but being pregnant is not always easy and peaceful.  A mother needs to carry her baby inside her womb for nine months, and even though everyone responds differently to being pregnant, your body will go through many changes, and you may have mood swings that cause you to become depressed.  Being pregnant can have a powerful effect on your emotions, which can cause your personality to change by the minute during this stressful and overwhelming time.  You may be overjoyed at the thought of having a baby, and then suddenly irritability sets in and you begin wondering what you have gotten yourself into.  Bloating always accompanies being pregnant and it may be one of your most frequent and least charming symptoms, as you watch your feet swell up.  You may also get tender, swollen breasts that don’t want to be touched. You could also get nauseously sick, become tired all the time and experience bleeding and cramping.  You may struggle to get up out of bed, walking may be a chore and climbing stairs may seem impossible, while you fight to catch your breath and your baby kicks and squirms inside of you.

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