Down the Home Stretch

It does not matter how he got in, or who let him out, the only thing that is relevant now is that the cat is finally out of the bag.  The time is at hand, the clock is ticking, yes Eli is coming even though hardly anybody read my two previous posts ‘Eli is Almost Here’ and ‘Marketing Plan’.  It is possible that some people did look at them, but if they did not leave a comment or a like, then I have no way of knowing about this.  Perhaps no one will ever bother to read my posts and that makes me seriously doubt that anyone would ever bother to read my new book titled the ‘Ancient Book of Eli’.  The next marketing step for me is to put the trailer that I made for my book up someplace for people to watch.  That will be done as soon as my artists finish up the last few pictures that they are working on.  I can’t afford to hire a publicist and I will probably never go out on book signings, or be on a book tour, or even meet with any book clubs. My event calendar is wide open and I would love to connect with any potential readers to create a buzz or add any kind of momentum that would fuel the fire to sales.  I have never been published, so most people do not know who I am.

Last month while working as a substitute teacher I was flattered and embarrassed at the same time.  I read my Fourth Grade students a story from my still unpublished book, about a pirate ship that gets attacked by a sea monster and they really loved it.  At the end of the day they all lined up to get my autograph, which made me want to cringe and leave, but at the same time I felt proud that they enjoyed my story.  I was shamelessly “Embattered”, that mixed emotion that gives you the feeling of being embarrassed and flattered at the same time.

I am not looking forward to gaining fortune or fame from my new book, writing is a higher calling for me, it is something that I must do.  Writing is buried deep inside of my genetic code, I don’t have a choice, I must write.  It is not like I am compelled to share a message with the world, but I often have things to say.  My words have deep meaning to me, but will anyone else feel the same way about my writing?  I wrote an extremely long book, on 8-1/2 by 11 inch paper with Times New Roman 14 point fonts.  It is still unfinished, all my writing is done and the pictures should be finished soon.  It is currently 442 pages long and it has over 289 thousand words contained in the 17 chapters.  I feel that anyone who buys it will get their money’s worth.  Only one person has ever bothered to read my book and that was an ex girlfriend of mine.  When she finished reading it, she told me that she had to break up with me.  I asked her why, and she told me that she wanted to devote the rest of her life to God.  I had no way of competing with that.

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