Blowing in the Wind

One day I found a 20 dollar bill blowing in the wind.  Was this the answer, my friend, money that was blowing in the wind?  If it miraculously appeared out of nowhere, was it money sent from heaven or just a stroke of luck for me?  There is nothing better than free money, and this would be tax free money.  Was I getting money for nothing without being required to play guitar on MTV?

All I had to do was bend down and pick it up, this would not count as strenuous labor.  Could I use this new found money to get chicks for free, or could I use this money to get my kicks out on Route 66?  It was right in front of me, so I put my foot down on top of it, to keep it from blowing away.  Yippee, Yahoo, Mama Mia, I greeted the $20 bill, saying hello to my new friend, “It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance.”  I was psyched and I already started thinking about ways to spend my booty.

I worked as an assistant caddy master at a country club, not an impressive title, but it was a steady job.  I did this while I went to the community college where I would get my Associates degree.  This was not a windfall of money, but it would be more than enough to purchase several cold beers.  I was elated and I told my friends who worked as caddies on the golf course.  One of my friends said that money probably belonged to Henry, who had just finished up his loop and put his twenty in his pocket, but had lost it minutes later.  I figured that he was right as rich people (the members) were much better at holding on to their money.  I felt sorry for Henry working all day and having nothing to show for it, so I gave the $20 to Henry and told him that he had to buy me a beer.  Easy come, easy go, such is life!

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