Keeping Crisp

Being challenged by the Daily Prompt helps to keep my writing crisp.  I don’t need to write a long essay to explain the word of the day, all I have to do is include it somewhere in my writing.  This allows me to be brief and to the point, which are things that I often struggle with, as I have a tendency to over explain most topics.  Here I can condense my words being precise enough for others to see the points that I am trying to make in my argument, while also allowing them to absorb the information that I am conveying.  I can give a summary or a synopsis of the relevant facts, making them plain, clear, or intelligible enough for others to understand my meaning.  I can elucidate or throw light on a topic that was dark, muddied or obscure before I began describing it.  There is no need for an elaborate explanation, I can write this quickly using accurate information and this makes me feel that my writing is staying crisp.

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