Eli is Almost Here

I rolled out of bed this morning and realized that my new book will be published very soon.  I know that Eli is coming and there is going to be an impending storm.  Is this guy named Eli the heartbreaker that a girl cannot just walk away from, or is there something more to him?  Does Eli intend to have sex with this girl and then leave her right after the act is completed?  I imagine that Eli has the reputation of being a womanizer, which proceeds him, so the women that get involved with him should know what to expect.  I think this phrase “Eli’s Coming” in the Laura Nyro song made famous by Three Dog Night, signifies that something momentous is about to happen, to a girl that feels the need to be loved.  Laura Nyro was good at conveying her unbelievable, delightful feelings about life, her loneliness, and about her religion while delivering great vocals on her songs.

Eli’s Coming is mysterious and the suspense keeps building as the music goes faster and faster as this urgent message is delivered. It seems that the girl walked away after the encounter, but she never really got away, because she was not able to follow her own advice and hide her heart from Eli.  My Eli is not the guy that invented the cotton gin!  He is different as he is a step cousin of Jesus and he is the title character in my new soon to be published book, ‘Ancient Book of Eli’.  I guess I should explain the impending storm and if you have been following my posts, you might have caught the one that I recently wrote titled ‘Three Topics to Avoid’, which indicated that everyone should avoid discussing politics, religion and sex.  Well my book is not about politics, but it does have some short stories in it that feature religion and sex.  I could have written my book without including any sex in it, but that is not the way I chose to go.  My book is an adventure and in it a couple gets married and then they go on their romantic honeymoon together.  It is a story book full of conversations and these conversations keep the stories going.  I could have written this as a children’s book, as it has many stories in it that kids would enjoy, stories about a giant, about unicorns, about a pirate ship being attacked by a sea monster, about a mermaid and about a genie, but I wrote it to be an adult book.  It is NOT full of raunchy sex, it is more like a romance novel.

Now that I have all of you totally turned off on ever thinking about reading my book, I have to discuss the topic of religion.  I did not incorporate religion into my book to confuse anyone or to promote my specific version of what God is.  I always felt that there were parts missing from many Biblical stories, why should there be a story that includes an unnamed woman and those stories that do tell you who did what, they often leave out the why.  Will people think that I am sick for embellishing stories that are in the Bible?  I am sure that many people will hate me for doing this, but if they hate so easy, then exactly how religious are they?  I have filled in some missing pieces and when or if you do read my book, you will find out who got married in the wedding at Cana and other tidbits along the way.  Will my book be able to survive the storm of controversy, or will anybody ever even bother to read it?  I guess only time will tell, but the warning has been issued and Eli is Coming.

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