Time To Walk Away

I am aware of your love affair, but I just don’t care.  There is no need to look at me so skeptically.  You should not look so grim, as I saw you having sex with him.  I caught you in the act and you did not have a clue, that I was outside the window looking at you.  I always gave you your privacy, but why would you choose him instead of me?  This has changed us for eternity and I don’t care if it ends in maternity.  I don’t want you to explain why you cheated, and it is no longer my business if this is repeated.  I saw you pulling his pants down, the only thing I could do was frown.  I always thought our relationship was rosy, I did not think that I was being nosey.  Why was I there and why did I look?  That does not matter now, this was the last straw, that is all it took.  I know we had some rough patches here and there, but I had to turn my head away when he started removing your underwear.  You really made a terrible choice, I am glad it is over and now it is time for me to rejoice.

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