Financial Advice

I may be underinvested and in need of a potential correction, but my objection is just a reflection for my own protection.  Is this the right time to question my worth, as I have been on planet Earth, ever since my birth.  Regardless of where my assets are allocated, I am still fated to be rated and not hated.  I don’t plan on being upside down, because I have been around and I invest in things that are sound.  I pay attention to the Federal Reserve, I do not swerve and I observe the latest curve.  Will they raise the short term rate?  I don’t think that would be great, it will not make me irate or start to gyrate, so I guess we will all have to wait.  If I take less risk, then I will get less return, that is something we all must learn and now it is time for me to adjourn.

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