Empty Bed Syndrome

My bed is empty, I want someone in my life, but because I am content with who I am, I am in no rush to meet that special someone.  I don’t look at myself as being alone, I consider my current dry spell on romance to be a interim condition, that does not need a temporary remedy at the moment, because I am not feeling any pain.  Humans need interaction with others, this helps us feel deep, meaningful connections that can lead to contentment.  People that miss out on human contact may be overwhelmed with thoughts of intimacy and this could eventually lead them to become desperate, to the point where they will have a hard time trying to meet and connect with new people.  Every now and then, I get lonely, but I am not experiencing a total eclipse of the heart.  I am not real sure what I want out of a relationship, but I would like to have a special person in my life to do things with.

I cannot bottle happiness for myself or for others, but I am content with my own life.  I feel that I am social, I like most people and I often greet people with smiles, but I feel that most people just don’t get me.  I write because that is what I enjoy doing and I am not afraid to share details about my life.  I don’t have a lot of friends at the moment and my writing helps me to feel like I am connecting with people, (most of them I don’t really know) but anyway this has become a way for me to stay in touch with other humans.  I don’t get invited to any parties, but I am OK with that, as I enjoy being at home.  I am not a sheep, I make my own rules and I live my life the way I want to.  It would be nice to meet a person that would be attracted to me, but I would settle for a friendly companion.

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