Not Writing Today

Just don’t have much to say
Can’t find the words to express my feelings
Spending my day looking up at ceilings
I will just sit here and wait
As I am not able to articulate
Sometimes writing is harder than it seems
If only I was able to remember my dreams
I am trying to focus using my imagination
Having trouble holding on to that sensation
Today I just don’t have the dedication
It is becoming one big complication
I am not able to summon my creative juices
I should just write instead of making excuses
I need to get back to my writing mission
The missing ingredient is my ambition
I have developed a lot of self doubt
You might call this a writing drought
I start writing, and then I lose the meaning
I think my brain needs a good spring cleaning
I get some things written, but they are not perfect
Where am I going with this, I can never predict
The difficult part is when I am making mistakes
I can’t seem to concentrate while my brain aches
I can’t stand it when I am not productive
If I could only write something constructive
I just can’t seem to see the light
I don’t like anything that I write

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