Graveyard Shift

I am not for or against guns, but when I was much younger I got a job working on an assembly line where I stacked clay pigeons.  They came down the conveyor straight out of the oven where they were formed.  I had to grab them and stack them in piles of ten.  I was given gloves because these targets were very warm.  There were five conveyor lines all side by side with each other and I was put on line 3 in the middle of the stacking part of the plant.  This company ran three 8 hour shifts and I was on the shift that ran from midnight till 8 AM.

It was pretty easy at first, as the company had all the boxes put together (having the partitions or dividers already in place) and waiting for me.  After I made my pile of ten, I would slide a plastic strip under the bottom target, which allowed me to pick up the group and place it inside the partitioned carton.  At forty to a box, after placing 4 stacks in, I was done and on to filling up a new box.  Once I became adept at this, then I had to make up my own boxes.  After I mastered that, then I was given a broom to do clean up in my area.  They liked to keep their employees busy.

The first night, I got a bloody nose and I was bleeding all over the targets, so I told my supervisor to stop the line to allow me to get this under control.  He responded by saying, “The line never stops, but if you want to take your break now, I will work your line.”  I realized that the machines were much more important than the people.  I took care of my problem and went back to work.  There was a guy on the line next to me who looked like a biker.  I thought that I would be friendly so I asked him, “how long have you been working here?”  He responded, “Ever since I got out of prison.”  That should have ended the conversation, but I went on to ask him what was in prison for.  He said, “murder” and that was the last time that we ever spoke.

You meet the strangest people on the graveyard shift.  These are the people that work when everyone else is sleeping.  Eating times are crazy and these people drink in the mornings.  The nocturnal work force is mostly made up of people that are not qualified to hold day jobs.

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