Three Topics to Avoid

Politics, religion and sex are all touchy subjects and people hold extremely different views on these topics and entering a conversation involving these issues can become a recipe for disaster, as many people’s emotions will have a tendency to quickly escalate.  Most people have already made up their minds on the way that they feel about these issues, so it makes no sense to challenge their opinions when they are already set in stone.  When someone has already taken a stance and you are not on their side, then you are viewed as being against them, which will most likely lead to conflict.  Many people are pig-headed and they will not gain a new perspective when you try and explain your point of view to them.  Everyone has their own version of what is right and what is wrong and they feel strongly about their beliefs, so unless you have like-minded values, it is best to avoid any discussions on these matters.  It is like a ticking time-bomb and you never know what will trigger a fight.  By the time people are old enough to talk about these concerns, they have already developed them into their identity, so different opinions are seen as personal attacks.

Political discussions are an important method that can be used to expand your knowledge, reinforce your opinions, and help you to understand others.  It can be difficult to stay away from politics, because we are people and we don’t live inside of bubbles.  You might start off having a spirited dialogue about current events and before you know it, someone has opened up Pandora’s box and the topic has switched to politics.  Everybody seems to have an opinion, however everybody also has an asshole, but that does not mean that you have to become one.  Don’t try to win, as you do not need anyone to validate your opinion, it is usually best to just try to change the subject.  It is important to stand your ground, but it is much more important to chose your battles. If you learn to walk away you will always live to fight another day.  If you end up getting into a political discussion that gets out of control, then learn to let sleeping dogs lie and it is best if you can swallow your pride and apologize if you think that you may have said something inappropriate.

Religion is a powerful motivating topic that makes most people belligerent and it often causes fights within the same family.  Many people argue that religion has been the main cause of violence and war throughout all of history, but it is easy to misconstrue facts in order to make a case for one’s opinion.  Religion has played a part in many wars, but religion is usually not the main cause of a war.  If you are going to get into a discussion about religion, then make sure that you approach this topic carefully.  You need to relax, be patient and be prepared if this topic ever presents itself, as you will most likely encounter some markedly differing opinions.  If you decide to make a point on an issue, then you should be ready for a comeback.

Sex is a private issue and even nudists that have a healthy attitude about sex, because they do not exhibit body shame, usually only engage in sex in private.  Sex makes many people become ashamed, or causes them to be nervous or to get excited.  The desire to engage in sex is embedded deep within everyone of us.  Talking about sex can be awkward, even if this is only done with your partner, but it is a skill that all adults must learn to master.  For the reasons outlined above, I make it a point to only talk about politics, religion and sex with those people that I have already been naked with.

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