Seeing the Future

Ancient myths have Prometheus, Cassandra and the Oracle at Delphi who were all able to predict the future.  There are also stories about prophets who received messages directly from God, and then they passed on their divine inspiration to others.  We have astrologers reading horoscopes, palm readers that look at a person’s strengths and weaknesses, crystal ball gazers who reveal clues about your life, fortune tellers that may read tea leaves or tarot cards, magicians that usually do not reveal their tricks, witches that have developed clairvoyance and wizards that may conjure up spirits.  All of these future seers use some type of occult, psychic or sorcery powers to make predictions.  Nostradamus is famous for predicting the future, but some view him as a person that just made a lot of vague and unspecific poetic statements.

Knowing information that others do not have access to would be a great benefit to anyone because this would allow them to avoid pitfalls.  People that are good at math are able to recognize patterns, they solve one problem and then they follow that pattern to solve others.  People can use history and statistics to see patterns occurring in life.  Thinking and reasoning can be used to calculate probabilities and establish a ballpark figure.  Many algorithms have been created to decipher research, but the crucial key for this to be successful lies in obtaining pertinent data.  Research will always help you to figure out where things are headed and envision trends, even when you encounter infinite possibilities, things can be simplified for you to make an educated guess.  If you make enough predictions, then something is bound to come true.

If an idea seems good, then it will probably happen.  Predictions are possible as long as you have an open mind while you are forming your opinion, and your research includes information from a wide variety of sources.  There are methods and resources that make predicting the future possible, as long as you can avoid the existing obstacles.  We should all be concerned about the future, as in one minute from now, everyone will be in the future.  There is no way to avoid the future, because it must happen!

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