Detonate on Impact

From September 1999 till May 2000, I worked as a consultant on a special project for the military.  This project was imitated by Princess Diana who was furious about all of the unexploded shells that remained on the ground after a cluster bomb was launched.  She thought they should be banned because children would find the bombs that did not explode on impact and thinking they were toys, they ended up getting their limbs blown off or dead.  This project was called the self destruct fuse and it incorporated a special battery that was made up of an acid filled glass ampoule.  When any unexploded bomb hit the ground, the glass would break and trigger the battery to activate.  This in turn would set off the self destruct fuse and the bomb would now detonate on impact.

4 thoughts on “Detonate on Impact

    1. It ended in failure as we were only able to get a 75% acceptable product for this complicated part and government standards required a 97% good. It was interesting and I learned a lot about batteries.


      1. It was not a failure as long as you learned from it. You sure did not have what you set out to get but got something bigger – the lesson. That is what is called success. You aimed for the moon and landed on Mars.


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