Writing a Book

I often hear many people say that they have a great idea for a novel, but they just don’t have the time to write it.  These people are not writers, because writers make the time to write.  Any person who wants to be a writer can be a writer, but they would be required to write.  Many writers spend a lot of time sitting unproductively in front of their computers contemplating what they should write next, but the successful writers, the ones that really love writing eventually persevere.  Good writers are born with an inherent natural creativity, they are articulate and they have a burning desire to express their ideas.

Writing is not an easy task, writing a simple article might be easy, but writing a book is real difficult. It is not impossible and it can be done, but only if you are willing to put in enough work.  All books start out as ideas and ideas can only transform into books if they are written down.  Write down your ideas, organize your thoughts and then make a plan.  Good writing is done in steps, you write, you read what you wrote, you take a break, you rethink what you wrote and then you edit what you wrote.  Taking a short break allows your train of thought to evolve and it can also give you a fresh perspective.  Nothing good is ever written without doing research.  Writing a book will seem overwhelming, but this may become the greatest accomplishment of your whole life, so you must hang in there.  Writers understand that they need to alleviate distractions to clear their minds, so they are able to focus.

You can never be certain where a story will come from and writers mind’s are always filled with thoughts.  I have gotten up in the middle of the night after having a dream, just so I could add a few more well constructed words to my novel.  The real excitement comes when you are able to put your thoughts together to form your new book.  I find that getting the right segue or transition from one conversation to the next, or from one scene to the next to be the most rewarding part of writing.  Transitions are necessary when time passes, or perhaps your characters moved to a new location or they have had a change of heart and developed a new point of view.

Writer’s block can happen to anyone and it is often caused by procrastination, or it could be the result of you having painted yourself into a corner.  Every book must have a plot so the writer knows what they are going to write in their book.  This plot can take twists and turns and go off into a new direction, as long as that is planned and it keeps the reader’s attention.  Each chapter needs to be structured so the author knows what steps will be taken along the way that lead towards the climax and closure.  Words represent fleeting moments in time and they will propagate for a while, but eventually they will decrease in amplitude as time passes by and with the distance that they travel.

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