Building Castles in the Sand

You can have buckets full of fun by building sandcastles at the beach.  Building a sandcastle requires sand, water and the patients and ability to dig, although having a bucket and a shovel would also be very useful.  Nothing significant will ever be built if you only use dry sand.  Water is the necessary ingredient to connect the granules of sand, it allows the sand to stick together, as you will only be able to shape and carve sand when it is damp.  Every sculpture needs a strong foundation, so start by building a base to hold up your castle.  Make sure that the sand is saturated with water and then you compress it using your shovel or by stamping on it with your feet.  When it comes to building your sandcastle, there is really no correct way to do this, but excavating a hole with your shovel is a good place to start.  Pour water into the hole and then mix sand thoroughly and now you are ready to scoop.  Use your shovel to fill your bucket with wet sand and then pile the sand onto the foundation mound.  Slap it down, jiggle the wet sand to help the water drain, then pat the sand and shape it into an impressive structure that you are satisfied with.  Carving tools like trowels and spatulas can be used to sculpt out fantastic details or you could simply use your keys and seashells. You don’t need to make the biggest or most fancy castle at the beach, just do your own thing and have fun with it.  Next watch the tides roll in, and waves get closer while you are sitting back, relaxing and basking in your efforts.

Building castles in the sand, passing the time of day.
Nice looking girls on the beach, going on their way.
Folks tell me that I am too old to look, but I don’t care what they say.
Sunglasses prevent my eyes from being too obvious as they stray.
When you are too old to look, then you are probably too old to live.
We looked at each other, no one spoke, but something had to give.
She said, “Wow that is a really nice sandcastle that you built.”
I said I like to keep busy and it was easier than knitting a quilt.
She looked great, but I did not know where this was going.
I liked looking at her, especially the way her hair was flowing.
I did not know if this would develop into anything or if I stood a chance.
I smiled then I grabbed her hand and asked her if she would like to dance.
She told me that she had never danced on the beach before.
I said we could dance later, then I said, “kiss me I implore”.
She put her loving arms around me, then our lips finally met and we kissed.
Her lips brushed across my arm, it was getting sloppy, but I could not resist.

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