Venting Frustration

Life is a series of ups and downs and we need a way to control the downs.  It is often necessary to air out your frustrations, as only the squeaky wheel gets the grease.  If you don’t complain about problems that are not your fault, then you leave yourself open for others to take advantage of you.  Industries have an instrument that is known as a pressure relief valve (PRV) and this used to control or limit the pressure that is building up in a system or a process.  They are designed for safety purposes and they will open up at a preset pressure and discharge fluid or gas until the pressure drops to an acceptable level.  It is not a good thing if you discover a blown head gasket on your vehicle, because gaskets are designed with the purpose of keeping a fluid or a gas either in or out where two different parts join together and now you have a leak.

Venting keeps people from exploding, it is the method that people use to blow off steam.  When a situation becomes unsustainable, then something has to give.  If you perceive a threat, an indignity, some misfortune, or an injustice, that was done to you, then don’t hold it inside of you.  Let it out, don’t bottle it up inside of you!  Most problems will not resolve themselves, and venting may not always the best solution, but confronting an issue head on is usually the best way to resolve any problem.

Getting something off your chest may help you think more logically.  There will always be those situations in life where you are forced to ‘suck it up’, but venting is usually a good way to control an agitated mood and get you to see things clearly again.  Things happen in life and sometimes life can be a bitch.  You may feel frustrated when certain things don’t go your way.  If something messes up your plans you may feel demoralized.  Times are rough these days, things have a way of slipping out of your control, especially when these things don’t go in your favor and it may seem that everyone is fighting against you.  Anyone can have a bad day and when things go really bad your last resort may be complaining.  Holding in your anger, sadness, or frustration will most likely result in building up unnecessary stress.  When you find yourself in an unpleasant situation, then you should vent instead of letting it ruin your life.

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