Two Basic Types of Tears

There are two main types of tears, those being the tears of delight that are made up of glittering pearls which roll down from your eyes over your cheeks and there are the tears of remorse brought on by suffering and pain in this cruel world.  Crying is a human emotion that helps our bodies recover from dramatic situations.  We cry tears of joy to show that we are happy.  Many people that see a new born baby, or attend a graduation or win the lottery will often breakdown in tears because they are feeling overwhelmed with happiness.  The opposite being situations involving extreme sadness, will also cause people to cry.  This type of crying involves pain which can be physical or emotional.  Some people are very emotional and mere simple sadness, or regret, or some type of bitterness will have this effect on them.  The idiom, “wearing your heart on your sleeve” best describes these people, as they readily show their emotions and they make no attempt to hide any of their feelings.  Remorse is a common feeling when anyone experiences the death of a loved one.  Guilt often brings about true sorrow, especially if you made a huge mistake and now you must bear to burden of your actions.

Having a good long cry can make you feel better as your body needs to do this to release your stress.  Crying is not a sign of weakness or something that is only done by babies.  Sometimes it is best to be alone and let your tears out, let them flow, keep crying till you feel better, all your tears will vanish over time.  When you allow your tears to wash your eyes, this can give you a renewed perspective on life.  Emotional tears that are automatically triggered symbolize our sensitivity to life situations and they incorporate the flooding of different thought that takes place inside our minds.  Don’t listen to people who say, ‘Big boys don’t cry’, or ‘There is no crying in Baseball’, as you should cry whenever you want.

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