Teach Your Children

In 1970 Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young wrote a classic song titled ‘Teach Your Children’. I really like this song because it features Jerry Garcia playing steel guitar, but I always felt that the lyrics gave hope for the future.  Children need to be taught values so they can learn to demonstrate compassion, respect, responsibility, perseverance, initiative and integrity.  Most States require you to obtain a license in order to own a dog, but all you have to do is engage in sex in order to have children.  Children do not automatically know what the right thing to do is in most situations unless they have had morals instilled in them.  Parents should know that there is a right way to behave and that they need to treat other people with respect, but it seems like many parents are incapable of making ethical decisions.  If the parents cannot distinguish right from wrong then how in the hell are they going to teach their children.

Schools and Churches are only temporary environments for children, so ethics and values must be learned at home.  A person hardly ever accomplishes anything alone, so the family unit must work together using teamwork to get important things done correctly.  Kids need to focus on how this world can be made into a better place and not have to accept that things just are the way they are.  Children need to learn responsibility and if they get off task some type of discipline must be applied.

The other day, I heard two boys bragging about some things that they stole from a store and I told them that they should be embarrassed about what they did instead of bragging about it.  I guess that I won the lottery when I got my parents as they raised me up not to steal or lie and to show respect toward others.  Thank you Mom and Dad!

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