Stories That Survive Time

I would like tell you a story which has been passed down for generations and it will probably be here long after all of us are gone.  This tale is as old as time itself, but it is still relevant today.  Stories have been used over time to convey a message or to persuade a certain person to see your viewpoint on a topic.  Myths, Fairytales and Folklore are special stories that are made-up from unrealistic tales where people do outstanding, extraordinary things in a different reality, a world that is full of magic where inanimate objects can be alive and animals can talk.  Myths contain ancient superstitions and legends, which are borrowed from other stories and then they are retold countless times by others and this allows them to take on a fresh new life again and again.  Before writing was invented, myths were transmitted orally, so there is no way to determine who was the first person to make up these tales.  Myths evolved over time as certain details were added by new story tellers and slight variations made their way into these stories.  Eventually they were written down by authors and the stories that people liked the best became the ones that have survived.

A story lasts when its characters come alive and a good story teller will have their readers immersed in the book wondering what their characters are up to next.  A story needs to include compelling elements to keep the reader interested and this may involve tragedy, or beauty or forbidden love.  Stories give birth to ideas and ideas have the power to change the world and a good story will offer its readers an escape from their normal lives.  Stories are magical, because they allow the writer to change the order of events, stories allow time to be altered with flashbacks and flash-forwards.  Many of the lessons that we have all learned in life have started out with stories.  Time changes everything, but a good story will always survive.

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