It Should Not Always be All About You

There are two of us, I am a person, I exist too.
You must pay some attention to me.
I will not beg you on bended knee.
You always get stuck in your own little world.
I think your tiny brain got twisted and twirled.
When you say things to me.
I listen to your words with glee.
I would feel wonderful if just once, I could have your undivided attention.
I know our honeymoon is over, but your ignoring me just builds up tension.
It seems like we are headed for a relationship breakdown.
Living here with you is sort of like being in a ghost town.
I no longer know what you are thinking or how you are feeling.
I am beginning to wonder what the heck you might be concealing.
Paying attention to your partner is something that you need to accept.
You are not interested in me, you are not a good partner, you are inept.
The way you ignore me, is driving me nuts.

You really have turned into a great big putz.

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