Standing on the Edge of the World

I lost my dog in the Swiss Alps and I climbed up to the precipice to try and find him.  When I got there, I felt like I was standing on the edge of the world.  It was a magnificent sight, but since I don’t like heights, I had trouble breathing.  If my dog was anywhere nearby, this was the place where I would be able to spot him.  We were separated when an avalanche of snow came crushing down on us and when I finally dug myself out, he was nowhere to be found.  It was snowing heavily when I freed myself and I had no idea if my dog made it or not as there were no tracks left in the snow.  I called out to him and got no response and then I decided to make my way to higher ground so I could get a better view.  I felt like I was in great peril and although I had gone through tremendous difficulty to reach this spot, I could not look down.  I was panting and I shut my eyes to try and calm down, but having my eyes closed while being this close to the edge made me feel even worse.  When I looked out towards the horizon, I felt better for a moment, but the thought that I was going to fall, kept constantly running through my head.  I knew in my head that my extreme fear or phobia of heights was irrational and that if my willpower was strong enough, I could focus on my breathing and overcome this fear of being on the edge, peak, summit or precipice.  I shouted out loud, “Dear God, please give me the courage to get over my fear.”  At that point, I looked down and I heard my dog barking and saw him running towards me.  I put my arms around him and said, “Let’s go back home boy.”

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