Southern Hospitality

This characteristic is present when you meet people from the South and it is expressed by their warm, sweet, and welcoming attitude towards others. You have to love that Southern accent and the way anyone can call you sugar, or honey, or sweetie.  I lived most of my life up in the North, where most people are constantly rushing around and as a result, they are much more rude.  Up North when the light turns green you are expected to be moving within two or three seconds, or else the person behind you will be honking their horn and giving you the finger.  Down South, if the light turns green it seems like people do not mind if you take your time and if you were to sit there during the entire period that the light is green, most Southerners would not even care.  The heat in the South could be enough to slow anyone down and Southern hospitality does go at a slower pace, but it is all about making people feel comfortable.