My Decision is Final

I was the substitute teacher in a Middle School the other day and I knew that these students were going to be challenging, as I had them before and some of them actually had enough nerve to throw things at me. Being a substitute is actually a pretty easy job, as all you are required to do is take attendance, give out the lesson plan, ensure that the students do not get hurt and try to make them behave.  That last part can be the most difficult part, as some students are very disrespectful.  I do not like throwing as this can become dangerous, even if it is just paper.  Things have a way of escalating in the classroom because if students do not see any negative consequences from them throwing paper, then they think it is OK to throw erasers, pencils or most anything else.

The thing that upsets me most with Middle School students is when they throw things in the class, as they should learned way back in second grade that they are not allowed to throw things in a class room.  I consider these students that throw things to be bad students, but in this day of political correctness, these students have just made bad choices.  I am usually very laid back when I work as a substitute, I know that students will talk extremely loud and they all want to go on their cell phones.  When I have a class of good students, I enjoy being a substitute.  Most of the students are good, it is just those few students that are making bad choices that will ruin your whole day.  I do not think that anybody likes to have stuff thrown at them when their back is turned.
When I arrived in the classroom that day, I knew that I would have to be more strict than I usually am, otherwise I would lose control of these students again.  I wrote my name on the board and then I wrote:
You don’t tug on Superman’s cape,
You don’t spit into the wind,
You don’t pull the mask off that old lone ranger,
And you don’t throw anything at the substitute!

Because of the bad behavior that I experienced, (not from everyone, but you know who you are), the last time I was here, there will be no one using their cell phones, no one will be allowed to study out in the hallway and no one will be allowed to use the computers today.  Don’t even ask because my answer will be NO!  My decision is final.

2 thoughts on “My Decision is Final

  1. There is something very wrong with the education system as a whole. Every class has an alert button on the wall and if you have to push this button an administrator is supposed to come and discipline the out of control students. Many times the administrators coddle the students and that totally undermines any authority that you have. Sometime I feel sorry for these students that are making bad choices, because I feel that they must have horrible parents.


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