It is you, that I want to pursue

It is you, that I want to pursue.
Let’s make love till the morning dew.
Baby, I have been dreaming of you, all day long.
Your sweet loving makes me feel so strong.
I will never be loving anybody but you.
When you’re with me, the skies are blue.
I mean you, yea I am talking about you.
You are the only one that I will pursue.
In all my dreams, you are in my arms.
Looking good with all your charms.
I can’t wait any longer, I need to have you this night.
While you are here with me, everything will be alright.
Tonight I will sing our special love song.
Please give me your loving all night long.
You have to give me your loving.
Climb in my bed and start hugging.
Give me all that you got.
Baby I am getting so hot!
Kiss my lips, my neck and my feet.
Your kisses are turning up the heat.
I am hot for you, yes, yes you.
Oh sweetie, you are right on cue.
That is the spot, keep going, don’t quit.
Yes, yes, yes baby, ahh that’s it!

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