Bitter End

The “Bitter End” has such an unpleasant sound, it is bound to be something that you do not like or something that does not go down well.  It could be a horrible, miserable death from cancer, or some other disease that has caused prolonged suffering.  When you have reached the bitter end, when you are at the end of the rope, when you have reached the end of the line, when you have finally hit bottom, when you think that there is nothing left, when you have gone past the point of no return, then you are beating a dead horse, because you have already reached your demise, having arrived at the culmination of a difficult or unpleasant event.  This is where you must give up and surrender, because you have met the limit of your efforts to fight and the struggle must end.  Existence, as you know it, is over and resistance is futile.  If there is a bitter end, then what is the other end called?  I guess it must be the better end.

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