Exposed and Arrested

I just thought that I would try this out even though I am not sure how this works, I don’t really know how to create a pingback to I hope that I am doing this right, and my only directions tell me to link to the prompt in my post when I publish this blog, but since this is my first attempt at posting a blog on Daily Prompts, I am still unsure. The one word prompt for today is “Exposed”.
Is it just bad taste or should it be a criminal act when a man flashes his genitals in public? In the USA, laws regarding indecent exposure and exhibitionist behavior vary widely by state and it may carry a penalty of up to six months in jail and the perpetrator may be added to the national sex offender registry. It depends on things like whether or not this was done in the presence of a minor or if it was accompanied with the act of masturbation. The internet, cell phone texting or sexting, webcams and adult dating sites have made it easy for men to show an image of their penis. It’s hard to determine how many people actually have this exhibitionist disorder, because those that do have it, rarely seek help. It is no longer confined to the dirty old man in a raincoat, most exhibitionists are Caucasian males and about half of them are married. Flashers find this indecent behavior arousing and they are getting off on the shock of displaying their junk. They do not feel guilty, they think it is perfectly natural and they don’t seem to care that most women have no interest in seeing their private parts.
Most male exhibitionists are not considered to be dangerous, this is often looked at as being a harmless prank, someone that is out having innocent fun, but these men are sick, because they have no sense of shame. They have a compulsion to flash their organ to strangers and this is how they get their jollies. They want to say, “Look at me, look at what I’ve got. I exposed myself for you.” They enjoy trying to catch strangers off guard, so they can gain sexual satisfaction. Their victims are primarily female, and they don’t seem to receive much sympathy if they report this crime. Penises were everywhere in ancient Rome, you could not go any place without seeing them plastered all over, they were carved in stone on signposts for directions and they stuck out of many buildings, because the Romans believed that this symbol of male fertility could avert evil. However, even the Romans with their different sense of values felt that exposing your naked body in public was a disgrace.

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