Why do people search for True Love?

All of us have basic human desires that tell us that we should love another person, and be loved by another, so we can be happy. Love is not a fairy tale, it is a trial and error process that must be learned by experiencing disappointment, rejection, pain and heart-break. Love takes hard work and it may seem like it takes forever to come to you, but you should never stop looking, because one day out of a clear blue sky you may find the love of your life, your soul mate, a life partner or that special someone. There is no guarantee that every single person on Earth will find their true love, but this powerful force keeps many of us searching to obtain a magical love dream and it inspires us to find that special person that will walk down the aisle with you. This drive may be more prevalent in women than in men, because they may want to be the bride instead of a being a bridesmaid over and over again. Perhaps all of her friends are getting married and having babies, and she may feel like she is not getting any younger.
Most people don’t even know what they are looking for in a partner and what it will take to make them happy. Love is not fair, as some people get what they want, while others that are just as attractive, keep wishing for a relationship. To get what you want in life, you must start living your life and stop complaining about things that are not going your way. Whining is never attractive, so it is best to accept who you are and then try to make your life fun and happy. By understanding your limitations, you can create a new person that deserves to have love in their life. Those people that are willing to be themselves will attract more mates, because this is a positive quality. Finding true love may be difficult, but there is always hope even for the most pathetically pitiful people in the world and when it is ready to happen, it will. Just make sure that you leave all of your emotional baggage behind, before you start a new relationship.
Your new partner is probably not going to be a mind reader and they will not magically know how to keep you satisfied, so you must be able to clearly and openly communicate your needs to them. Both partners must make a commitment in order for a relationship to work, there has to be a mutual attraction, a joint understanding, they should be able to express a reciprocated level of respect for each other and in the best relationships, their life goals will align with each other’s. Along the way, every relationship is bound to hit a rough patch, but if this does not completely destroy you, then it may make your relationship stronger.
Is it possible to fall in love with somebody and stay in love with them forever? Can two people look at each other day after day and still get a warm fuzzy feeling inside like they did when they first fell in love and are these couples even more unlikely to fall deeper in love over time? Can two people stay in a relationship with each other over an entire lifetime? There are many different species of birds that mate for life and people are animals so they can be love-birds and remain monogamous if they find the right partner. These days many guys are players and cheaters that are just looking for a hook-up and nothing else. These pleasure seeking men only want a woman so they can satisfy their needs and they have little interest in love. The future may look a little bit bleaker than it was not too long ago, but even though the world has changed, it is still possible to find love.

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