Understanding Loneliness

People fall out of love with their significant others because over time either they have changed or their partner has changed. Any routine can get boring, and any long term relationship has the chance of getting tedious, but worse than that, constant close contact with anybody may lead you to think that your partner is annoying, obnoxious and stupid. Everyone needs some alone time, people and relationships are complicated, but since most people don’t like to be alone, we need to learn how to adapt when things change. Humans need interaction with each other, so we can feel deep, meaningful connections that lead to contentment. Loneliness can cause adverse effects on your health and isolation can lead to unhappiness.
People that are missing out on human contact may be overwhelmed with thoughts of intimacy and they will eventually become desperate, which will lead to them having a hard time trying to meet and connect with new people. People that do not want to be single are shamed for expressing their loneliness and all the dating sites take full advantage of this. Single people feel socially isolated and sad because they are alone, they stand out in the sea of couples which is deemed to be normal. Most singles are hoping for a person to be attracted to them and they would settle for companionship, love or sex.

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