Poems can start off with ominous grey skies.
A tragedy happens and then a child dies.
You feel the horror of his mother’s cries.
Terror sets in and everyone sighs.
Remorse is felt and there are no dry eyes.
Now it is time for the big surprise.
We must all learn to despise,
The place where logic no longer applies.
Maggots that eventually grow into flies,
And continue growing to an enormous size.
All of these lies,
Will lead to our demise.
It is time for us to rise.
And become wise.
Come on, all of you guys,
You know what this implies,
We should embrace our allies.
Can you surmise,
And not chastise,
The one that buys,
All of our supplies?
Let’s thank those who baked the pies,
They should win the prize,
Even if it goes to our thighs.
You should realize,
I can see through your disguise,
I’ll have a coke with those fries,
Hugs and kisses in my goodbyes.

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