It is possible that I drank too much that night

This story happened in the 1970’s.  I had to be a big-shot that night and I opened up my mouth to try and impress my friends. I actually thought that I was having a good time until I blacked-out.  I remember most of what happened, but there are many gaps that contain brief periods of total memory loss.  I remember being at a party where my friends talked me into getting involved in a drinking contest.  I had done this before and actually I felt I was good at drinking large amounts of alcohol, particularly when it had to be consumed rapidly. The contest involved me taking a dare to drink a glass of beer every minute for a whole hour and this had to be done within the first 15 seconds of each minute.  This meant a lot of chugging, but it also gave me 45 seconds of rest between each glass.  The beer was ordered in pitchers and my friends paid for all of it.  The encouraged me to keep on drinking.  I think it was just a 4-ounce glass, which is really nothing for me, but 60 of them adds up to 240 ounces or 1.875 gallons of beer.  Putting this in another perspective, this is like drinking 20 12-ounce bottles of beer in an hour.  With the time restriction, there was no chance for me to make a trip to the bathroom and that is a lot to have to hold.  I woke up in a haze the next day and many of my friends told me stories about what I did, which I don’t remember.  The hangover that I had the next day prevented me from doing this again anytime in the near future, but I did drink for free and I won a $30 bet for being able to do this.

3 thoughts on “It is possible that I drank too much that night

  1. That reminds me of the night in my 20’s when I drank far too many tequila shots, luckily I vomited before I passed out so I believe I ridded my body of quite a lot of tequila and I virtually had no hangover the next day, my friends who didn’t vomit had terrible hangovers. I haven’t touched tequila in over 20 years (it’s like I can still taste it coming up)

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